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The Real World App Download for Mobile and Desktop. Download and install the app for free and start learning.

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Mobile App

Tate’s The Real World is now available on your mobile phone for both Android and iOS devices. With it installed on your phone, you’ll be able to learn non-stop, whenever you want, and wherever you are. This is a huge advantage for those of you who want to outwork your peers in your journey to financial freedom.

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The Real World on macOS X devices


The desktop version is now available for download. You can do so much more with increased performance compared to the browser version.

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About The Real World App

Developed ByPoseidon Software
✔️ Official NameThe Real World
???? Launch Date2023
???? Region of ServiceWorldwide
????️ LanguageEnglish

Mobile App Download Instruction

The Real World Mobile App can be downloaded directly from the AppStore for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads or Google Play Store for Android devices. The app will be installed automatically, just like any other application on your phone.

Desktop App Download Instruction

For Desktop Devices, you just need to click on the download button above, depending on the operating system that your computer is running.

For macOS devices like iMac or Macbook, you can install the app by opening the installation file. It will then ask for your permission to open the app. Just click YES. Then click on Next until you see the Install button appear. Now hit that button, and you are all set.

Windows PC users can also install them in the same way. Just run the installer. It will then show the terms and conditions. You need to read carefully before checking the “Agree” box. After that, just click Next and then Install.

How to Log in?

After downloading and successfully installing the app, you need to open it. You will now see a login wall where you can enter your account registered with us. If you don’t have an account, you need to sign up before you can log in.

You need to type in your email address and password correctly to be able to log in. After filling up the fields, hit Log In.

And now, you are inside The Real World.

Why Download The Real World App?

The native app on mobile and desktop has significant differences in terms of performance, speed, and connectivity compared to the web application. We recommend you download the app to learn more effectively online and offline.

The biggest advantage is that you can place TRW app next to your social media platforms to remind you to work and create instead of mindlessly consuming entertainment content.

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